May 15, 2019

earrings Belova jewellery

People following me on social networks know how much I love combining simple and almost basic clothes with cool accessorises and jewellery. That leads me to owning a limited but interchangeable and functional wardrobe which you can adapt to any occasion. Also, if you will bear in mind how fast fashion trends change, putting effort into jewellery and accessories is quite budget-friendly.The only rule that I recommend to have while choosing jewellery is to make sure it doesn’t look like it’s made of precious metals and stones, so “the more, the better” principle works perfectly here. So do not be afraid of fake gold, large stones and an abundance of details. It is fun, looks cool and is stylish.

Chain bracelets

Ankle bracelets Belova jewellery

I love wearing ankle bracelets during the warm season. It is a very inconspicuous, but beautiful piece of jewellery. They look good with any outfit from shorts to midi dresses and jeans. The only requirement is –  naked ankles.

Chunky anklets

Ankle bracelets Belova jewellery

I can’t believe how cool they are! Chunky anklets look very unusual and eye-catching. This accessory is amazing for going out no matter if it is a formal event or casual night in the club/restaurant. When it comes to evening outfits, you can’t surprise anyone with massive earrings or a showy necklace, while anklets will definitely get all the attention. Besides, they will complete any outfit, even the basic one, like a slip dress or a plain skirt for example. As for complex outfits, chunky anklets will add more detail, but make sure not to go overboard. So, if in doubt make your choice towards garments with simple cut and little detail. I highly recommend you to check them out!


Star earrings

If you are going to a formal event, statement earrings are the easiest and simplest way to complement your outfit. I personally love classic blazers, which might look a bit boring as a part of occasion wear, so I would always combine them with statement earrings. This is the case when you can go a little crazy with shapes, colours and sizes.


Bracelet with pendants and keshi pearls Belova jewellery

Bracelet with pendants and keshi pearls Belova jewellery

A simple and familiar accessory. If you are still not sure about statement earrings, make your choice in avour of a statement bracelet. If you like accent jewellery, go nuts and combine a massive bracelet with statement earrings.

Chain necklaces

Necklace with keshi pearls Belova jewellery

Multi-layered pendant necklaces are very trendy for second season in a row. It is a very feminine and stylish piece. I like wearing them with blouses that have deep v-necks, with unbuttoned shirts and tops as well as on top of jumpers and turtle-necks.

Stylist: Katerina Virshich
Style, Photo: Katerina Belova

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